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Why is my toilet leaking on the floor?

Recently, most of the water on the floor has been around the base of your toilet. Is this happening?

You probably have a leak in your toilet. The most likely place is below the base of the fixture. In order to prevent water from spilling all over your bathroom, grab some tools and fix that leak!


The anchor or tee bolts are located on the base of the toilet, usually underneath plastic caps. They are connecting bolts, which help keep the toilet securely stationary. Sometimes when these bolts are loose or broken, the toilet’s seal can break, causing leaks to occur.

Flush the toilet to drain its water, and then adjust its position to level & centre it. Adjust the bolts when necessary. If the bolts are spinning freely or are broken, you will need to go to the hardware store to find some more. Bunnings will have these available.


The wax ring is used to provide an odor-proof seal. A toilet has a trap that traps water to contain sewer gas. The seal must also be positioned between the sewer and toilet, and this is what a wax seal does.

You’ve assessed the condition of your tee bolts and have tried tightening them, but your toilet is still leaking at the base. The wax ring is most likely to blame and will need to be replaced.

  • Head to the store and buy a new wax ring for your toilet. Taking a picture of the base will help you find one that suits your toilet best and show the store assistant what you need.

  • Prepare the toilet by turning off the water supply to your toilet by turning off its valve located behind it. Flush the toilet when you’re done to get rid of the water that has been sitting in it. To make sure there is no water left, unscrew the nut holding the fill valve in place and let any excess water drain out into a small bucket. Next, remove any remaining water from the base by plunging it for a few seconds.

  • Unscrew the water supply line from the toilet and remove the tee bolts from the floor. Remove the old wax ring and toilet. You may need assistance with removing the toilet because it needs to be completed the correct way. If you need professional assistance then Prince Plumbing can help with this. If you are confident to continue move the toilet out of the way and gently roll it to the side and lay on the floor. Then remove the old wax ring, but before you install the new wax seal, make sure everything is clean.

  • You are now ready to install the new wax ring. Place the new wax ring over the flange and line up for the tee bolts. Then reposition the toilet over the new seal, which should be its usual place.

  • Ensure that the toilet is in the correct position, then press firmly with your body weight to ensure that you create a new seal between the toilet and wax seal. Tighten the bolts but try not to overtighten them. The toilet must be aligned and centered correctly, but also leveled. You can check this by using a spirit level.

  • Reconnect the water line and open the valve to fill the tank. Then flush the toilet and check for any water leaks.

It is important to fix leaks quickly as mould can grow around the area and it may increase your water bills. Prince Plumbing is the local Mandurah and Rockingham experts for toilet repairs. If you need further assistance, we would be happy to help. Contact Dustin today to find out more information.

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