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Leak Detection

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Leak Detection – We’ll Find it

Leak Detection - Prince Plumbing Rockingham, Mandurah. Peel Districts

Identifying and repairing leaks is crucial which is why you need a reliable plumber. Whether it’s gas or water, leaks can have massive and potentially fatal impacts. A tiny leak in your pipes can result in a flood and a gas leakage can cause suffocation, explosion, or fire.

You Can Rely on Prince!

Prince Plumbing can locate leaks and repair the issue. Prince Plumbing has state-of-the-art acoustic microphone leak detection equipment which is used to detect and amplify the noise created by leaks in pressurised pipes. This allows Prince to accurately pinpoint leaking pipes both underground and in walls.

Our goal is to fix the small problems before they become costly disasters. Don’t ignore a leak, it may seem harmless but the repercussions can be devastating. Our leak detection and repair service will save you money in the long run and keep your home and family safe.

We highly recommend that you use a professional plumber and you can find more information here. We also have further information on leaking toilets here.  

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Our pricing is affordable and we also offer pensioner discounts. You will know precisely what the cost will be before we commence the project and there are never any hidden charges.

Licensed Tradesmen

Leak detection and repair is vital. It can only be carried out by licensed plumbing professionals that have obtained the appropriate training. We are dedicated to ensuring we have the training and licenses required to provide this crucial service.

Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering professional, reliable service and high quality, reputable brands. This is why we have the confidence to offer a service guarantee with all the work that we complete.


What We Can Help With

Leak Detection - Prince Plumbing Rockingham, Mandurah. Peel Districts

Taps & Faucets

It is not uncommon to have a leaky tap in the home or workplace. Besides being annoying due to the continuous dripping sound, it can also result in an exorbitant water and electricity bill, if your hot water tap is the culprit. Did you know a dripping tap can add up to a litre of water wasted per hour – in a week that is enough to fill a bathtub. Don’t ignore the problem which could be costing you a small fortune. Call Prince today for immediate repair and save yourself the hefty water bills and electricity expenses.


Mouldy areas around the ceiling of the shower? Fractured or damaged tiles around the shower area? Damp odour in the rooms near the bathroom? If the issue isn’t dealt with the damage will worsen. Did you know moist timber from water damage can attract white ants. Hardwood floors may rise up causing a constant damp smell in the house. These can all be warning signs of water causing damage to the structure of your house and possibly to the health of your family. Do not ignore these signs and let them develop into a major problem, call Prince Plumbing and Gas today.

In Walls

Not all water leaks are visible at first or easy to identify. Mouldy patches on a wall, ceiling or floor can be a warning sign. If you have noticed dampness or water in places it shouldn’t be it’s time to act now. We are experts in leak detection and use the latest technology to identify the location of the leak. We will get it repaired sooner with our emergency call out service, which will lessen the chances of long-term damage and eliminate that awful damp smell from the affected area.
Leak Detection - Prince Plumbing Rockingham, Mandurah. Peel Districts

Hot Water Systems

Do you find no water in your bath despite filling it before leaving the bathroom? Is the pressure of water less than expected? Does the hot water system pilot light keep going out? You might be experiencing a leaking hot water system. If neglected for too long it can turn into potential electrical damage, not to mention skyrocketing water bills. Avoid the expense and possible dangers of a hot water leak and take action at the earliest. You do not want to deal with wet electric sockets or mouldy bathroom walls as a result of a leaking hot water system.

Gas Leaks

Are you experiencing migraines? Do you feel nauseous? Have you received a gas bill that is unusually high? This could indicate that a leak has occurred somewhere within your pipes. If this is the case, you will need to call in an expert to evaluate your property, identify the issue and repair it. Defective gas pipes or units can result in expensive and potentially dangerous consequences. It is therefore imperative that you ensure your systems are completely sealed and operating as they should be.

Under Ground

Water leaks are not a great sign for your home or investment. They can cause serious damage and cost a significant sum to the occupants if it is not detected in time. Prince Plumbing use the most innovative techniques to identify hidden water or sewer leaks underground. This enables us to repair using fewer resources saving you time and money and resulting in minimal disruption to the property.
Leak Detection - Prince Plumbing Rockingham, Mandurah. Peel Districts